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2.0 Story Prediction & Analysis : Rajinikanth, Akshay Kumar, Amy Jackson

2.0 Story

Trailer of 2.0 could be considered as an extension of the teaser released a while back. Here also we can see Cloned bots, shapeshifting smartphones, an evil bird bot and a tinge of romance. Made on a humongous budget of 600 crores, the film has a huge challenge ahead. To be even called as an average success it has to get the biggest ever opening witnessed in Indian cinema.

Story Prediction :
1. Vaseegaran [Played by Rajinikanth] is working on the creation of another humanoid robot [Played by Amy Jackson] after Chitti [Played by Rajinikanth] was ordered to be dismantled by court.
2. Another scientist who is presumably disturbed by the ill effects of smartphones on our environment creates a self configuring autobot with a shape of an eagle. The eagle bot creates a havoc in the city which forces the government to bring back Chitti to fight the evil.
3. Then it’s merely a cat and mouse game between Vaseegaran’s bots and Akshay Kumar’s bots.
4. We also witness a romantic angle between Chitti and female bot [played by Amy Jackson]
5. Last frame suggests the shape shifting abilities of Akshay Kumar’s character as well.
6. Considering the driving factor behind the evil force, it is pretty clear that director is trying to project the overwhelming amount of smartphone usage as a real villain.
7. From the trailer it also becomes clear that the director has used the eagle in a symbolic manner to convey the message that what might happen if the harmless birds which are being killed by had the power to fire back at humans.

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2.0 marks the second combination between Rajinikanth and director Shankar. Principal star cast of 2.0 consists of Rajinikanth, Akshay Kumar, Amy Jackson, Adil Hussain etc. Produced by Lyca Productions, 2.0 is set for a worldwide release on 29th November.

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