Why Shankar’s 2.0 seems to be a disaster in the offing


From the day of its announcement Shankar’s 2.0 has managed to generate a huge amount of curiosity and expectations,thanks to its credit for being the first Indian film to be shot completely in 3D and the addition of Akshay Kumar, one of the most bankable star of Indian cinema. Behind the scenes clips from the production along with a special featurette on 3D works too looked promising.But the first teaser of the film which was released yesterday was shockingly disappointing and patchy for its budget and the buzz.

Director Shankar whose last impressive work was 2010’s Enthiran [Robot] has lot riding on this project since his last work in ‘I’ was criticized for the way the it was promoted before release which eventually led to the debacle of the film despite having a decent story line. Usage of VFX in ‘I’ for songs and scenes failed to add any value to the story and seemed like a desperate attempt to prove its magnanimity.

Even though”Enthiran” was a decent popcorn action flick with never seen before visual effects for Indian market, the film had a little fresh to offer as for as the genre is concerned. Even though Sharukh’s Ra.One which got released a year later was a mediocre attempt,it had much more realistic and practically applied visual effects compared to Enthiran. But a lot has been changed over the years with more exposure to international films and the web series.

Just to make a comparison, Christopher Nolan’s Inception and Duncan Jones’s Source Code too were released in early 2010’s and the way it took a giant leap in terms of complex storytelling with turmoils in human relationships at the core.But as far as Ra.One and Enthiran is concerned,both of these aspects were lacking.Both of these films had a surface level stereotypical take on things with wafer thin story line in hand.

From the teaser of 2.0 it could be clearly sensed that the film has a little to offer has far as creative freshness is concerned.Be it the shape shifting humanoid robot formations [even Enthiran had several such scenes] or disappearance of mobiles,nothing seems unique or gripping.Director’s lack of vision could be judged from a shot in the teaser where a crowd takes selfie shots and mobiles starts to fly.The way it was stereo typically visualized says a lot about what we could expect from the film.

A still from the teaser of 2.0

For a movie with 75 million [approx 450 Crore] million budget, director Shankar and his film has to offer something highly unique and magnanimous to expect the ROI[ return of investment].With Dharma Productions chipping in, the film will find a nationwide release.But the scale of film’s success in pan Indian market depends on the way Akshay Kumar’s character has been handled in film as he is the more salable face as far as North Indian market is concerned.Anyway,one could only hope that the film would live up to its promise of taking Indian cinema to a level on par with Hollywood.

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