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Matt Damon is one of the rare celebrity in the world who is blessed with a beautiful mind and a even more beautiful heart.The actor who is known for his incredible body of work both on and off screen is our choice for our monthly edition of celeb decoded.
The actor who rose to fame with his academy awarding screenplay with Ben Affleck for 1997’s Good will hunting,is known for his incredible passion towards making the earth a better place to live.To keep the passion alive,the actor launched his non profit organization H2O Africa foundation which later merged with XPV water partners international to form, an organization to end the drinking water crisis around the world. works towards providing micro loans and grants to support the localized attempts towards sanitation.Their projects have made considerable impact among the livelihood of people in more than 13 developing countries around the world.By 2018, is aimed to reach 12 million people around the world.Matt Damon’s organization is one of those few organizations which is more concerned about the end results in ground zero level by smart and innovative ideas.
On the professional front,Matt Damon is known for unpredictable choice of roles.Even though few of his attempts on exploring new genres did not work big time in big time,people surely have loved his action films which includes bourne series and few other sci fi action adventures.

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