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Vijay Devarakonda’s heartwarming act of kindness | Purely Cinema

Vijay Devarakonda
Picture Credit: Twitter

As the summer is hitting its peak,its very hard for common people to withstand the heat.Especially for people who work direct under the sunlight,situation is much worse.Even though most of us witness people going through these kind situation everyday,few of us act.Actor Vijay Devarakonda who was recently shooting for his next venture in Chennai felt how people in the set are finding it hard to cop up with the heat.

On the same day he had shared his concern on Twitter too.But like rest of us,he did not sit quite.The realization he had in Chennai made him to do something wonderful.So on the occasion of his birthday he decided to spread the spread the happiness by cooling both people’s body and heart.He decided to send out three trucks filled with ice cream around Hyderabad.Normally we see fan clubs of actors doing such things to celebrate their hero’s birthday.But it’s rare to see this coming from an actor himself.This act of kindness by Vijay Devarakonda will sure be appreciated by one and all.

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