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Joker Review: Cinema at its best

Joker Review

First things first, I am one of those mad fans of the Joker character and like everyone else when DC announced the Origin movie of the Joker I was skeptical about the movie and had no hopes on Todd Philips as a Director.

The only hope was if Joaquin Phoenix is playing the Joker means this must have something to look out for and yes they didn’t disappoint, in fact I would say they delivered one of the greatest cinematic marvel I have ever seen.

As DC announced earlier this is a character study of Joker, which tries to answer the 80-year-old question of why Joker has become what he is today? what made him snap?

They answered it in a pretty cool manner.

More than anything else I want to talk about the Gotham City which makers have managed to create so beautifully that it almost feels like another character as important as any other person in the movie, the city’s  sanitation department is on strike, we catch the news channel anchors saying the rats are everywhere, I don’t know if the director referring rats as the thugs in the city who is increasing day after day or the elite rich people who are eating away all the wealth of Gotham and leaving the poor starving more or it is only about Just Rats.

The socio economic class difference between people in Gotham city and the anger between those two classes is masterfully shown in the movie, here comes our Arthur Fleck who is crushed under the burden of poverty and barely making anything to survive with his lone mother like millions of others in the city. The city feels so real that it erases the line between a comic book movie and real life.

In one scene Arthur writes in his dairy ‘I just hope my death makes more cents than my life’ which only showcases how sad he is as a person inside. His every laugh is a façade, every time he wears his clown makeup you can see tears in his eyes, he may be in his late-20s but walks like a 40-year-old, depressed, constantly beaten by the society for his behavior, appearance and awkward talks with people and locked in his own body waiting for liberation.

Then he starts to change (You have to watch this on screen), it’s not like Arthur was this depressed guy one night and overnight he becomes the joker nope. Piece by piece layer by layer The Director Todd Philipps peeled away all the façade of Arthur fleck in the movie and what we get by the end is one of pop culture’s Greatest Villain, The Clown Prince of Crime THE JOKER.

Blending of Thomas Wayne and Batman universe especially towards the end in to Joker’s Origin story only shows the Masterful writing of Todd Philips and Scott Silver.

Cinematography by Lawrence Sher immerses you in the world of Arthur and Gotham, what you will immediately notice in the movie is those extreme close up shots of Arthur Fleck as if he wanted to show us the soul of the character and it worked, it worked like a charm.

Special Mention Hildur Guðnadóttir – I didn’t knew her name first while watching the movie but now I want to listen every work of her. Release Joker OST already.

And the Man of the hour Joaquin phoenix, I never thought I’d come out of Heath Ledger’s Joker Portrayal but what phoenix did here is nothing short of an EPIC.

Be it his walk or how he talks or his iconic laugh, the dance after his first kill, his first interaction with Thomas wayne and how the smallest nuances he changed in his character to gradually become THE JOKER and That Last shot of him Standing on the Car putting a smile on his face with his own Blood.

It’s not the killings which showed the greatness of Phoenix it’s the act he does after the killings. BRILLIANT is an understatement.

Finally, will end this with one of my fav dialogues from the movie

‘I always thought this laugh is a condition I have but now I know My laugh is the real me’

Rating : 5/5



  1. Avatar


    October 3, 2019 at 6:23 pm

    Hildur Guðnadóttir is not a “He”. It’s a woman. She is an amazing composer and worked very closely with the Late Jóhann Jóhannsson (composer of Sicario, Arrival etc.) in many movies including Sicario, Prisoners, Arrival. She also composed music for the movies Mary Magdalene, Sicario-2 and received an Emmy award recently for her work on the HBO series Chernobyl.

    • Zakir Hussain.S

      Zakir Hussain.S

      October 4, 2019 at 2:48 pm

      That was a Mistake. Thank you For letting us know. corrected 🙂

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