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Marvel Studio’s Doctor strange movie sequel is very much on cards

doctor strange movie
Credit : Twitter

This is indeed a good news for marvel fans. Director Scott Derrickson who helmed the highly successful Doctor Strange movie has given a small hint regarding the development of a possible sequel.In a latest Instagram post the director had mentioned this with a cryptic quote ” Not my will, but thine will be done…. see you in September” accompanied with a comic picture of doctor strange.

This update could be considered as a first from an authoritative source.Even Benedict Cumber batch had refrained from commenting on the possible sequel on multiple occasions.But with the latest developments fans could hope for the Resurrection of their favorites in Marvel Cinematic Universe in the upcoming avengers 4 after the  tragic ending of Avengers Infinity war.

Even though nothing is being officialized or confirmed, it is being predicted that doctor strange 2 might have a release date before 2021.

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