Rowan Atkinson back with “Johny English Strikes again”

Johny English
Rowan Atkinson from the trailer of "Johny English Strikes Again"

Funny man Rowan Atkinson is back with the third film from the spy comedy franchise Johny English. Coming seven years after the previous film “Johny English Reborn”,the new film titled “Johny English Strikes again” will be hoping to give the audience a good time in theater.Trailer of the film dropped yesterday and it is already creating huge buzz among audience worldwide.

Rowan Atkinson, who rose to fame with Mr.Bean is back as British secret service agent.Trailer clocked 2 minutes 30 seconds starts with a security breach in British Secret Services.And Johny English who is seen to be spending his retired life as a teacher is brought back to fight against the evil.For a change Mr English has the latest gadgets to help him out in his fight.And his trademark awkwardness which brings the best out of the character works well here too.

Those who have seen previous two outings from the franchise,will find this one closer the to first one rather than the second one which was comparatively less funnier and kind of repetitive.Apart from Rowan Atkinson,the movie also Olga Kurylenko,Ben Miller and Emma Thompson.The movie is slated for 20th September 2018 release.

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