Housefull 4 Review – Absolute Buffoonery



On a concept level this is actually a pretty good premise for a comedy movie,

Year 1419 – A Prince, a Bodyguard and a Dancer loves three princesses but unfortunately because of many circumstances they couldn’t be together and gets killed in an accident/Murder.

Year 2019 – All those who are effected by that accident, in that era, gets reincarnated again and rest of the movie follows the path of getting the memories back and making the things right which went haywire in the past.

I would say this is a pretty cool story, and also the movie actually starts off really well with good puns in dialogues and Akshay delivering them with such ease and impeccable comic timing. But this entertainment doesn’t last long though, what follows after first 15-20 mins of the movie is a horrible mixture/Spoof of innumerous movies stitched together, trying too hard to make audience laugh, finally what audience gets on screen is nothing but absolute buffoonery.

In one of the flash back scenes Prince Bala (Akshay) literally takes Pig shit as a present to the King of Sitamgarh (yes you read that right, Pig shit), saying this is a medicine which will make him strong and satisfy his multiple wives, the king actually feels happy and tastes the pig shit in front of all.

In another scene where Kriti Karbanda explains to Bobby Deol that he raped her by saying ‘Main Abla hoon, Tabla Nahi’ thus casually passing on the rape joke. And most of the times all the jokes are below the belt humor which is not bad as long as they don’t sound disgusting, which happens in Housefull 4 more often than not.

The only man who shines in the entire cast is Akshay, it is really refreshing to see him in a comical role after a series of non-stop hyper nationalistic movies. He nailed the expressions and his comic timing is impeccable, and the rest of the cast like Rana, Ritesh, Bobby Deol, Ranjit, Chunky Pandey, Johhny lever, I don’t even remember if anybody had anything significant to do in movie, I felt bad for Rana though (Dosti mein kya kya karna padta hai).

And coming to women characters in the film, Pooja Hegde, Kriti Sanon & Kriti Karbanda, I feel they were given only one brief for the entire movie, “Act as stupidly as possible and look sexy nothing else” and they did their part absolutely to the point.

Luckily Music of this film turned out to be good which gives little relief for you in the theater, ‘Ek Chumma’ is really addictive though.

If I ever meet the Director Mr.Farhad Samjhi, I would love to sit with him to know the process of this entire Housefull 4 writing and Directing sessions and know what was going in his mind while making this piece of art.

Rating : ZERO


Dear Farhad Samjhi,

In future, if you take Nawazuddin Siddiqui in your movies, I request you to please give him something good or at least something to work on if not good, what you have done in this movie with him is Blasphemy to say the least.

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