The Sky is Pink Review – Through thick and thin

If you remember, RSVP & Roy Kapur films made a movie called ‘Pihu’ couple of years back which revolved around a 2-year-old kid, home alone and the horrific incidents which happens in that home (which was also based on a true story). Though I applauded that unique idea and the way they have shot that movie but it scared the shit out of me while watching.

‘The Sky is Pink’ on the other hand based on a true story of Aisha Chaudary & her Family, kind of follows the similar path of ‘Pihu’ in both cases sensitive hearts will find it hard to see what is happening on screen, while the former depended completely on shock value, this one will drench you completely in your own emotions.

Coming to the plot briefly, it’s a story of Aisha Chaudary (Zaira wasim) who has a rare genetic disorder where she is born with no immune system in her body, in which case even a smallest disease like common cold can prove fatal for her health, and how her parents Farhan and Priyanka (Niren Chaudary & Aditi Chaudary respectively) tried their best to save their kid from death bed.

Narrated from the point of view of Aisha Chaudary, this story revolves around these 3 characters mainly and what this family went through in the process of saving Aisha.  

What immediately sucks you in to the movie is its lead performances from Priyanka chopra and Farhan Akhtar, though Priyanka has the most screen time and she did fantastic job but Farhan Akhtar actually impresses you the most with his more nuanced performance, you feel his helplessness when he goes to a radio station to request money from the callers.

There is one particular scene which I want to mention here when Aisha wants to draw a portrait of Aiditi Just after refusing the lung transplant option, when Priyanka and Farhan looks at each other and that one glance says so many things without saying anything, one of the beautiful scenes in the movie.

Though Zaira’s voice over starts right when the movie starts but Zaria comes on to screen only after 1 hour of the movie is done, there are few scenes like the climax and the School act where zaira excels. Rohit saraf as Zaira’s brother Ishaan chaudary did good too.

Pritam’s Music is good especially ‘Dil hi toh hai’ and Ishaan Chaudary’s composition for her Sister ‘For Aisha’ is so melodious and such a good fusion it is.

Director Shonali Bose has succeeded in Showing complete unfiltered and unadulterated emotions on screen which are so close to real life but second half is where audience may feel restless because of the movie’s pace, could’ve edited little more.

In one of the interviews I heard that everything which is shown in the movie is the truth taken after interviewing Niren-Aditi’s family, Writer’s Shonali Bose and Co-writer Nilesh Maniyar both have done really good work in terms of bringing the story on big screen. Only thing is the screenplay/Pacing could’ve been lot better especially in second half.

Most emotional part of the movie for me was watching the real life Niren-Aditi Couple and their kids Aisha, Tanya during the end titles, and how this family stood so strongly together through Thick and Thin.

I left the theater with a heavy heart and my eyes filled.

Rating – 3/5

Note: You need lot of patience to sit through this one as it is a really slow burner, if you have such patience then give it a try. And hey if you decide to watch the movie or not, but do listen to this song composed by Aisha’s Brother ‘For Aisha’.

Link:  https://www.jiosaavn.com/song/for-aisha-from-the-sky-is-pink/HyNabjVcX3A

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