Vrithra Trailer : Karma gets a new definition in this promising crime thriller

Vrithra Trailer

Kannada films have always managed to give a spectrum of films, right from out and out masala entertainers to high concept films without any sort of cliche.Another movie which could be added to this list is Vrithra. After the pretty impressive teaser,team of Vrithra has now come up with the trailer to give us an idea about what the film is going to be.

Trailer running approximately 2 minute gets straight into the point without any sort of preliude. Actress Nityashree who was a part of Maniratnam’s Kaatru Veliyidai and Bijoy Nambiar’s Solo makes a promising entry into Kannada.She has a commanding screen presence for a character that seems both confident and vulnerable at equal measures. Another highlight of the trailer are cinematography and background score. Both manages to keep the grim mood alive throughout the trailer and keeps us in guessing.From the happenings in the trailer it could be guessed that the story plays off like a chess game and each characters have distinct behavior just likes the pawns of chess board. Ensemble cast of film consists of talented actors like Sudharani,Prakash Belwadi.Gautham Iyer is making his directorial debut with this neo noir drama. Vrithra is set for October 11 release.

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