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Trailer Talk : Keira Knightley in an emotional roller coaster ride in The Aftermath

The Aftermath

Trailer of director James Kent’s upcoming British American German drama film The Aftermath has been released.The movie stars Swedish actor Alexander Skarsgard, British actress Keira Knightley and Jason Clarke in lead roles.

Analysis :

Towards the end of the trailer, Lewis [Played by Jason Clarke] raises a toast by saying “To the new beginnings”, which actually sums up all the drama going on the trailer. When half convinced Rachael Morgan[Keira Knightley] who at Hamburg Germany to be with her husband Lewis gets into an uncomfortable situation of sharing a house with its previous owners, her understanding about self and others changes and makes her go in search of a freedom through the newly formed relationship with another disturbed soul. From the trailer it is clearly evident that the movie is an intense romantic drama with war serving as a backdrop. Jason Clarke is effective as a dominating husband who doesn’t hold any regard for his wife’s thoughts and feelings. Keira Knightley,who is known for playing layered and complex characters in her decade long career is absolutely terrific in the trailer.Her little nuances are a treat to watch.Golden Globe winning actor Alexander Skarsgard plays the role of an emotionally balanced German Widower who falls for Rachael. British composer Martin Phipps provides a haunting background score which adds up to the drama going on in the trailer.

The movie is based on the novel “The Aftermath ” by the Welsh novelist Ridhian Brook.Fox searchlight pictures has produced the venture which is set for a worldwide release on April 26, 2019.

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