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Check out spies in disguise cast and release date

spies in disguise cast

One of the most anticipated movies of the year “spies in disguise” will be releasing on 25th December across United States. Here is spies in disguise trailer.

Will Smith :

Academy nominated actor Will Smith will be lending his voice for Lance Sterling,a pigeon who is also the most awesome spy in the world.

Tom Holland :

Tom Holland is lending his voice for Walter Beckett,a socially awkward scientific genius who accidentally turns Lance into a pigeon as a part of his invention but now he has to stop Lance from taking the human form again.

Rashida Jones :

Rashida Jones is lending her voice for Marcy Kappel, an agent from internal affairs who is behind Lance Sterling.

Ben Mendelsohn :

Australian actor Ben Mendelsohn is voicing as lead antogonist Killian,a terrorist mastermind with a bionic arm fuelled with powerful gadgets enought to destroy the world.

Karen Gillian :

Scottish actress Karen Gillian has lent her voice for Eyes,a spectral analysis specialist.

Rachel Brosnahan :

Emmy winner Rachel Brosnahan has lent her voice for Wendy Beckett,walter’s mother and a police officer.

DJ Khaled :

DJ Khaled is voicing Ears,paired with eyes and also a communication specialist.

Masi Oka :

Actor cum rapper Masi Oka is voicing for Katsu Kimura, an associate to Killian and also a Japanese arms dealer

Carla Jiminez :

Carla Jiminez is lending her voice for Geraldine

Olly Murs :

British singer Olly Murs is lending his voice for the character of Junior Agent #1

Now the makers have released the exclusive first 4 minutes of the film in a brand new youtube video.Check out.

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