Why NGK is a do or die film for both Suriya and Selvaraghavan

NGK Release

As official news from the team on the NGK release postponement is out, wait for this much anticipated film seems to be forever. Starring Suriya, Sai Pallavi and Rakul Preet Singh in lead roles,the film is touted to be a political drama. Stakes are high on the film considering the time in which it is being made and the mystery surrounding the actual plot of the film which is rumored to be based on the life of a veteran political icon from the past.

But more than anyone else, NGK is definitely a make or break film for actor Suriya who is currently at the lowest threshold point of his career. The actor who once was known for picking author backed meaty roles wasn’t able to manage the super stardom which came in the form of back to back commercially successful films.

Blame can be put on the actor’s understanding of audience when his Singam became a blockbuster success.Even though the film had several over the top action sequences and extreme cinematic liberties,it had its heart at the right place with a firmly rooted story line. Perhaps the phenomenon success of the film had led the actor to believe that his future projects must be tailor made to cater the entire range of audience.Even though the actor had continued his genre exploration with films like maatraan, 7am Arivu and Massu Engira Masilamani,the films failed to receive the success of his previous films.Major reason for these failures can be put on the poor content, single dimension characterizations and execution. His last film Thaana Serntha Koottam which was a laughable remake of special 26 seemed like a melting point of his career. Even though the film was pointless and boring, it was refreshing to see the actor shedding his action star persona after a long time. On the other hand, all these misfires have affected his market as well.The actor who made his Telugu debut with dubbed version of Ghajini way back in 2005 which went on to become the highest grossing Telugu film of that year, failed to enhance his market since then.Phenomenal success of Ghajini had created a huge market for the actor in Telugu states which was equivalent to a straight Telugu actor. Back then ,Suriya used to enjoy a similar following in Kerala and parts of Karnataka as well. Even though his core market is still intact, it has definitely failed to grow over the years,thanks to several of his underwhelming films.

When the news of his collaboration with Selvaraghavan was out,it was quite clear that the actor his trying hard to go back to his roots which made him the star he is today.Even though the film’s outlook and insider talks seems to be positive ,fate of the film will be eventually out once the film comes out.His next film with director Sudha Kongara which might go on floors by next year too seems promising and could be expected to bring out another shade of the actor. When the whole Indian cinema is going through a phase of transition with more content driven films are getting accepted over star driven films, for an actor like Suriya, who is unarguably one of the finest actor of the Indian cinema,a film like NGK might open a fresh door of more rooted films which could restart his golden phase he had enjoyed a decade back.

After a huge gap of 5 years, Selvaraghavan too is back with NGK. As far as this hugely talented director is concerned , NGK could be that one film which has the potential to bring him the much deserved commercial success. His last successful film was 2011’s Mayakkam Enna. Despite of helming several critically acclaimed films , the director had not worked with a huge star like Suriya till date. Moreover,for the director with several shelved and few unreleased films under his belt, NGK might open new doors of support system which could help him with the release of his under production films like Nenjam Marappathillai and Mannavan Vanthanadi which are currently facing both financial as well as other issues.

At the end of the day one could only hope that NGK brings back the actor [Not the star] Suriya and genius Selvaraghavan who once made the Tamil cinema proud with their work.

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