An open letter to Mekhala Saran of Quint

Respected Mekhala Saran,

Let me start this by making an honest confession.I am an average engineer by profession with a hope and wish to excel in my profession.But as Shashi Tharoor recently stated in his speech in Parliament,most of us are suffering from a skill gap crisis however big or small it may be.But thankfully, after following journalists[Esp film journalists] for a month or two, I realized that I was worrying for nothing. According the professional rule set by journalists for themselves, the day I became an engineer,I learnt and mastered everything by default.There was no room for improvement at all.I felt so light and stress free after going through this style of thought process.So I thank journalists like you and so many of them from the bottom of my heart for the most valuable lesson.

Jokes apart, I am writing this letter to make a simple point that ,just like Kangana Ranaut’s trumpisque statements right from repeated claims of victim hood to recent statements on nationalism don’t deserve to be taken seriously, journalists like Mr Justin[Who is just a drop in an ocean of journalists who can never make any mistake] who,as Kangana rightly pointed out, is more of a professional troll than a valuable critic, deserves no respect or sympathy.

Indian journalists are kind of funny.Let me give you few examples to justify that.During normal days journalists belonging to different wings and ideologies keep taunting,mocking each other through tweets,articles and videos.But when someone from outside makes a statement on journalists,they suddenly put on their shield of “We are perfect”.Anyone who has witnessed activities of paparazzi journalists you will soon realize that they are miles away from being called as dignified human beings at least.From plugging in irrelevant questions in the name of national interest to the most silliest stupid questions any normal person would hesitate to ask,journalists have successfully managed to hit the rock bottom of absurdity in past few years.So, before defending these journalists,please get yourself a huge mirror as journalists definitely need to look at themselves first before mocking,taunting and ridiculing others as they continue to sit on a pile of shit.

Recently veteran journalist Rajeev Masand had tweeted regarding the formation of Entertainment Journalists Guild where he said and I quote “Its a good time to introspect,repair and stand up for what is right.Must set high standards for ourselves and expect respect in return for respect given.  Like he said,journalists definitely need introspection and a major repair with respect to their work ethics and honesty like any other jobs. So Miss Mekhala Saran,when you write an article or pose a question or act in a fictionalized video, you are not serving society as you are being fully paid for doing that.So stop this SJW avatar of yours and get yourself a reality check. A final word for Kangana and Taimur Khan brand of film journalists “Don’t beg for respect, earn it”. 


A struggling blogger

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