Dear Sonam Kapoor, your dumb statements on Kashmir is hurting India

Sonam Kapoor

Before I get into the actual topic,I don’t think I have a need to justify my statement. We all know for sure that Sonam Kapoor is dumb.Its a proven fact. From misquoting Mahatma Gandhi’s popular slogan “An eye for eye makes the whole world blind” to calling Shobha De as a porn writer, Sonam Kapoor has given us enough evidences and opportunities to call her a dumb person. She is a clearly product of nepotism which too is evident from the fact that ,despite of so many flops still she keeps getting chances in Bollywood. Anyone without background would have been kicked out of Bollywood with such bismal acting skills and series of flops. And she isn’t the only one to get this extra benefit.There are quite a few in Bollywood including Arjun Kapoor,Shraddha Kapoor,Ananya Pandey,Sara Ali Khan,Entire Kapoor family and whoever friends with Salman Khan. Except the so called liberal media which is trying hard to make her the quintessential youth icon of India by conveniently ignoring all the statements she made about India and objectification of women,most of us were tolerating her half baked statements as it didn’t hurt anyone that much.But her recent statements are misrepresenting the entire image of nation and making a room for international media houses to have a narrative totally against the country.

Sonam Kapoor,in a recent interview with BBC news network made an interesting remark on the abrogation of Article 370.While stating the fact that Kashmir is the complex issue and lot of bloodshed has happened over the years, it was sad and frustrating to see her take up the issue of not being to release her film in Pakistan and not being able to explore part of her culture. Sonam Kapoor again showed her dumbness by ignoring the fact that even Pakistani films don’t get a release in India for Indian films to get a release in Pakistan during tense situations. I think Indians don’t need to learn a lesson from Sonam Kapoor to understand the fact that big chunk of the Pakistan’s population are peace loving and are busy with their day to day survival.But she must have known the fact that, it is impossible to have a dialogue with a administration with direct links to terrorist organisations. From Osama Bin Laden to Mohammad Hafeez Sayeed, whole world has witnessed again and again, how Pakistani Administration has backed and shielded some of the most dangerous terrorists. But someone like Sonam Kapoor, these factors doesn’t seem to matter. She must understand that peace comes only when both sides are willing to be peaceful. Just like Indian ambassador Syed Akbaruddin said, Pakistan must stop terror to start talks. 

We understand Sonam, You were trying so hard to impress the British media with your half american, half british and full fake accent. We have no problem with that,but don’t use a sensitive issue like Kashmir to boost your image in Global media.From last few years, It has become a fashion in Bollywood to use India’s name to get attention around the globe. We have seen similar instances in the past like Priyanka Chopra in Quantico and Mallika Sherawat interview with CNN. They have apologized for their remarks later.But we don’t think Sonam Kapoor will do that,as liberal Indian media are always ready to back her up. If not media,at least the likes of Anurag Kashyap, Swara Bhaskar, Ali Fazal, Taapsee Pannu and Huma Qureshi will back her up. We all know that for sure.

With the abrogation of Article 370, India has taken a bold step. It is a known fact that lot of bloodshed has happened in Kashmir.Thousands of citizens, thousands of soldiers have sacrificed their lives. Finally when someone hits the reboot button for a fresh start, it takes time for things to become normal.Nobody wants to see soldiers getting killed in Kashmir on day to day basis. Nobody wants to see soldiers being deployed in huge numbers anywhere.But hate filled terrorists don’t understand any other language other than guns. So we only request that, your half baked knowledge is only hurting the national image in globe.And a small request to BBC also, if you really want an insight on Kashmir or any other serious issue, ask someone who has spent time in Kashmir or at least done some research on the issue,not with an amateur like Sonam Kapoor. 

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