Dear Taapsee,please explain how grabbing a man’s privates is funny??

Taapsee Pannu

There is no denial that you are one of the brightest and insanely talented actress of our country right now.And you definitely deserve the credit for being a part of films which have brought a progressive change within the film industry in terms of writing more gender neutral roles and big studios backing such films.You are also a part of an elite list of female actors who can pull the crowd through their sheer presence. To sum it up in a single sentence ,in this day and age where films stars play a substantial role in the way society behaves,you have definitely made a positive impact through your films.But your recent acts have put a big question on everything you stand for.

Few days back,while responding to the Kabir Singh controversy you had made a statement like “Films should not glorify the bad behavior and that’s the reason I do the kind of films I do”.But after watching the second trailer of your new film “Mission Mangal” where your character grabs the private part of a person instead of gear,I kind of realized that, most of the life advice given by celebs don’t apply to them. Now you can conveniently shut this argument by labeling this as a troll ,but how could you justify your decision to act in a scene where the sole objective was to make people laugh seeing a man in immense pain and embarrassment. Makers of the film can’t even defend it as there was an ample amount of space between the gear shaft and the crotch for someone to call it unintentional. I wonder whether Taapsee would have acted in a film where a man does the same to her character’s privates.Would it still be considered funny???

Taapsee Pannu’s driving scene from the movie Mission Mangal

As far as the director of this film Mr Jagan Shakti is concerned, after watching the first trailer, our hopes from your film were low anyway.But we didn’t expect it hit such rock bottom .From “Satyanasa” to Poori Bhaji dialogues, your film is already looking like a spoof of real Mangal Yaan. But normalizing molestation for comic relief is no fun as nobody is laughing at those anymore.

As expected, large section of media is silent on this.Journalists and some critics who were vocal during the Kabir Singh incident are totally silent. Its quite understandable that they cannot afford to write anything about the hypocrisy of these stars because the moment they do so,PR of these stars will blacklist those media houses and journalists from future opportunities of interviews and special features. But think about the kind of legacy you are leaving for future journalists. One small request, if you are spineless to write, at least think twice before making heroes out of these amateur stars who can’t keep up their own words.

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