What Chinmayi Sripada and her haters needs to understand


After the huge number of #metoo accusations came out like a volcano eruption,there has been a progressive paradigm shift in the way we see power and gender backed physical abuses. With few regrets and admissions here and there ,most of the cases have remained uncertain and had left everyone in a state of dilemma.One of such case is between Ace singer Chinmayi Sripada and veteran Lyricist Vairamuthu.

With Tamil film industry largely being silent on this shocker of an accusation didn’t seem surprised as well which clearly points out how deeper this rot has spread over the yeas and no one had the spine to stand up against it. Right from dubbing union removal to shaming her through memes and videos,industry biggies have tried everything to silence her. While Industry has successfully sidelined Chinmayi owing to the controversy, Mr Vairamuthu has continued to share stage with some of the iconic figures in the industry who are known for taking high moral ground through their films.

While Chinmayi still continues to fight against various issues right from body shaming to casteism on social media, reactions on her posts and tweets still suggest that there is a clear need to find a balance between why not and why now. Even though most of the reactions by netizens are hate filled.some of them have raised the issue of hypocrisy as well. While it is perfectly fine on her part to slam the misogynistic view points on the entire issue of sexual abuse of all forms, her silence on sexual abuse by women on men and fake rape cases makes her views on crime in general, questionable. This also indicates that,taking a moral high ground in such a commercialized industry is more difficult than it seems to be.

But does she deserve the amount of hate she has been receiving for a while?. Definitely no.When it comes to celebrities ,Chinmayi has always been on the forefront to stand up and help in whichever way possible.Be it Chennai floods or any form of sociopolitical injustice.So questioning her humanity through the lens of her accusation on vairamuthu is truly unfair.

Whether you love her or hate her, Chinmayi will definitely go down in history as a hugely talented brave soul who stood up against years of power abuse and injustice. Hope she continues to do that with much more clarity.

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