What critics failed to understand about the monster success of Kabir Singh

Kabir Singh

Even after a month, Sandeep Reddy Vanga’s Kabir Singh refuses to slow down in box office. This Bollywood remake of 2017’s Telugu blockbuster Arjun Reddy [Directed by Sandeep Reddy himself] has given the first 100 crore solo blockbuster to Shahid Kapoor. Despite of all these the movie remained in the headlines since the release of its trailer for all the wrong reasons.Barring few,most of the mainstream critics had bashed the film for the portrayal of its flawed lead.Some of critics had even called out the society for making the film a big success. But they had totally failed to understand the actual reason behind its success.Here are the few reasons why people loved the film so much.

Context is everything : Most of the critics failed to see the context behind the behavior of Kabir Singh. Kabir Singh is a man with huge anger management issues.Everyone in his close circle are made to face the wrath of his anger during several occasions in this 2 hour 52 min film.But these so called eminent critics only pin pointed a part of his problematic attitude which was against female characters in the film.But the story makes it clear that he has nothing against men or women in general.He is just a messed up person who is struggling to deal with issues in hand.But after going through reactions by these critics,I am sure that in near future they will raise the same question of consent when a con male lead steals something from a women [something like “How can he steal something from her without consent”?].But the people of country were matured enough to see the film as a film with some raw and honesty in it.Critics should not forget that same crowd had given a huge thumbs up for films like Queen,Piku,Mardaani and many more.If the entire crowd was filled with misogyny these films wouldn’t have run at box office. When a common person can see the context clearly it is hard to believe that critics failed to see it.May be they are pretending as it will harm their narrative.

Kudos to Mr Vanga : Kudos to the director for not using any gimmicks to sell his product.He didn’t use weird close ups of female body parts.He didn’t insert a random item number where some A list female star will sing self objectifying lines written by eminent lyricists while 100 odd men look at her with lustful eyes.To sum it up in a single sentence ,he didn’t tell us where to see and how to see. I think full time critics and part time feminists are ok with self objectification [I remember Sonam Kapoor who once said ” Women need to stop objectifying themselves before complaining that others are objectifying them”]. The so called liberal media which asked the lead actress to count the number of kisses in the film during the press meet bashing the film saying that it objectifies women sounds like a joke.

Women too loved the film : During a TV debate on Kabir Singh issue,one female journalist argued that most of the people who saw this film were men.If that was the same the film wouldn’t have reached 350 crore mark.In a country like India, either a film should appeal to family audience or the younger section of audience.Kabir Singh has managed to attract younger audience thanks to its raw portrayal of relationship.Critics should remember that,gone are the days when only men used to regularly visit the cinema halls.Now college and young working professionals go to films as a group.And these groups consists of men and women in equal numbers. I think this factor has clearly reflected in the film’s collections as well.

Just like Shahid Kapoor has pointed out in one of his recent interview’s,this movie has successfully managed to catch the pulse of audience and unmask the hypocrisy of critics like never before.

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