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Tagaru Remake Rights has been acquired by this director


Suri directional Kannada movie Tagaru starring Shivaraj Kumar was one of the most successful movie in Kannada Film industry which released last year. It is a crime thriller which was narrated in non linear screenplay, was huge blockbuster at the box office. It’s producer KP Sreekanth from his official twitter handle has announced an exciting news.

Tamil director Muthaiah has acquired the remake rights of Tagaru movie. Further details about the remake might be revealed soon. M. Muthaiah is well known for directing Tamil movies focused on rural drama such as Kutti Puli, Komban, Marudhu and Kodiveeran. Recently he has signed by Tamil producer Gnanavel Raja to direct a Kannada film for Shivaraj Kumar. Currently he is filming Devarattam starring Gautham Karthik.

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