Reason why these hate filled pre release extravaganza need to stop

Audio Launch Speech

Even though most of the audio companies are on the verge of shutting their doors,craze and hype surrounding audio launches are increasing with every film. Lakhs of fan gathering,cast and crew along with invities acting like echo chambers in praising the hero of the film.

Manufactured hype : This happens in different levels from top to bottom.Days are gone when the sole beneficiaries of films were producers and distributers.Now,right from big brands to online content creaters everyone has something to gain from films.Right from the first day of shoot, there is a constant hype created in social media using paid content creators with huge following.They create custom made posts,run online polls using specific hashtags to keep the film in trending.On the other hand,lakhs of die hard fans spend most of their precious days in creating fan made posts,memes etc without getting a penny for it.Since the chances of earning from audio CD’s close to nil,audio companies are relying on the money earned through teaser,trailer,lyrical video and audio jukebox. In order to get make the most out of these,they have no other option than paying these online content creators/paid critics.For example,there was an extrordinary hype created around a song called “Verithanam” from the Tamil movie “Bigil” starring Vijay. Even though the song was a right out crap one,there was a clear manufactured hype with different stars from the industry constantly tweeting about it.Thanks to the paid content creators who pose challenge to their followers to break all the previous records, songs of Bigil managed to earn several million hits in youtube.Frankly speaking,it is the lowest point an academy award winner like A R Rahman could touch.

Emotional speeches in Audio Launches : If you follow films in social media you might have scrolled through taglines likes “Emotional audio launch speech” or “Powerful audio launch speech” several times.Most of the southern film industry with Telugu ranking fist and Malayalam ranking last are part of this smartly scripted media trend.In recent years since the social media marketing has overpowered the offline marketing, these heavily orchestrated and mostly awkward audio launch events have a must before every major release,Most of these audio launches are typically echo chambers of praise towards the lead star right from the hosts to the senior most actor or technical member from the team.And the lead actor shamelessly takes the center stage while the composer and singers get sidelined. It is really sad to witness crowd cheering for an actor during an audio launch instead of music composer or singers.Finally the lead actor gives totally unnecessary,irrelevant socio political speech as if he has sacrificed his everything by making that particular film.Especially in Tamil and Telugu film industry, right from Junior NTR to Pawan Kalyan,from Rajinikanth to Vijay, most of these actors try to portray a larger than life image in front of their fans through speeches like these. It was a utterly shameful to see a highly admired and senior actor like Vivek praising Mr Vijay nonstop during ‘Bigil’ audio launch for acting in a film. Its sad to see naturally shy and reserved character like Vijay to give such socio political speeches for a film’s audio launch. Actor’s of that stature should be careful while defending their mostly abusive fans who could go to any extent to prove their love for the star. But the trend will unlikely see a downward trend in future days as these speeches have given a huge amount of mileage for their films and future political career plans. Even fans should realize that the phenomenon of a creating and following a social media trend will not stop with a single film.If they keep on continuing this pointless gimmicks just to gain the attention of their beloved star,they will end up spending most of their precious years of life in a limbo.

Final Word : And finally a word for new age online film trackers cum critics who have already sold their ethics for some bucks from film makers and corporate companies , “Please stop selling journalism for your personal gain”.

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