DARBAR – Lazy writing, Convenient Screenplay, Loads of Rajinism

I know this is a Thalaivar Rajinikanth’s movie, reviews don’t matter, people go to see Mr. Rajinikanth not the film in itself.

But because you showed little interest in clicking that review tab I assume you are here either to read the review and decide to go for it or You have already seen it and you are reading it to know if we are in sync or not.

So here we go.

When I first got to know about this project I was little skeptical but excited, skeptical because Mr. AR Murugadoss is coming after SPYDER and SARKAR (Honestly I didn’t like either of them) but I kept my hopes high, and Mr. Rajinikanth coming after Hugely Successful Petta (which I liked partly). so personally for me both the Star and the Director were coming after underwhelming movies, Excited because this combination looked very fresh to me so I was expecting something good and new if not unique.


All I got was a done to death movie with load of Rajinism in it. It looked like everything has been carefully measured to make this film.

Stylishly composed super star’s intro fight – Check

Super star’s Intro song followed by a conflict – Check

A Conflict which our Hero solves in minutes – Check

Heroine Introduction and using her only for the songs – Check

Couple of Emotional scenes for family audience – Check

Climax Fight where Hero wins and Justice prevails – Check

In the midst of all this only good thing is Rajinikanth’s Charisma and Yogi Babu’s Comedy, which actually made the first half of the film very entertaining affair, and few blocks in first half are very nice ode to the magnanimous image of Rajinikanth.

The second half is actually where Mr. Murugadoss loses his grip completely, movie goes from logic defying to complete senseless affair towards the end, helped by Lazy writing and very convenient screenplay and abrupt climax.

What worked –

Mr. Rajinikanth’s energy levels are still a thing to look out for, I am glad that he is not bothered by jokes on his age in the film.

Anirudh’s Background music which actually enhanced the laziest scenes in the movie.

Yogi Babu’s Comedy in First half brings out some good laughs.

What Didn’t –

Murugadoss’ s direction, Writing and screenplay are the biggest culprit here, especially in the second half of the film, the movie ends with so many loose ends and directors didn’t even cared to explain it or give any closure to many of them.

Nivetha Thomas is wasted, Nayanathara is there for the songs and to look beautiful on screen, she has nothing to do in the movie.

Sunil Shetty Plays a Clichéd villain with just one tone throughout the film, God why can’t our directors write a good villain character with layers I don’t understand!

Having said that

I feel Shivaji is one such movie where Mr. Shankar used Mr. Rajinikanth’s stardom so perfectly with his movie’s content that every other movie which came after Shivaji felt incomplete for me (except Enthiran may be).

In Petta Mr.Karthik Subbaraj used that Magnanimous image of Mr.Rajinikath really well to some extent but the content was not engaging enough in it. And while Mr. Ranjit had content in his movies but couldn’t use Mr.Rajinikanth’s stardom properly, Now when it comes to Darbar, the trailer itself reminded me of Petta, don’t get me wrong it didn’t remind me of Petta because of its theme, it reminded me because it felt like a Fan service movie, A movie made by Fan of Mr. Rajinikanth for the Fans of Rajinikanth.. hence I was skeptical but I was hoping that Mr.Murugadoss will serve me something more than just a fan service movie, I guess I have to say he failed.


Dear Shankar sir,

If you are reading this (I hope it reaches you) please do a sequel to Shivaji, I want to see Mr. Rajinikanth as Shivaji again where his stardom perfectly blends with the content of the movie.

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