Trailer Review : Atlee gives a cocktail of genres with Bigil

Bigil Trailer

Language : Tamil
Cast : Vijay, Nayantara, Vivek,Jackie Shroff, Kathir
Direction : Atlee Kumar
Music : A R Rahman
Cinematography : G K Vishnu
Production : AGS Entertainment

Theme :
Bigil tells us story revolving around celebrated football player Michael[nicknamed Bigil], his father Rayappan and a bunch of girls from modest background who are willing to give up everything for the sports.Despite the sports theme in the core,Bigil talks about women empowerment, politics in Sports and what not. And there is a romantic track with Nayantara as well.

Whats Good?
Atlee has yet again managed to give a film which could be attributed as commercial entertainer. His role as the father definitely manages to catch our attention as it has a grounded look and feel to it.Even though there is a lot going on in trailer , crux of the story seems to be the struggle of professional sports in India which is quite commendable.

Whats Not?
For a film which claims to be dedicated for all women, its a shame to see them getting very less screen space. From the outlook, the movie seems to be driven by masculine power of its male star. Even though its commendable that the director has taken up the subject of women in sports, it hard to expect the women taking the center stage. And we did not understand what Nayantara is doing in the film other than the playing the stereotypical love interest. For someone who is being called as Lady superstar,she should definitely avoid such extended cameo appearances. Oscar winner A R Rahman’s background score is average at the best and it lacks a heart thumping theme track needed for a sports based film like Bigil. Some of the VFX work really looks patchy,which is surprising considering the scale and budget of the film.

Box Office Predictions:
Going by Atlee’s track records, Bigil will definitely open to an earth shattering box office figures as far as Tamil cinema industry is concerned. There is huge amount of buzz regarding the film among the fans which will serve for its box office figures at least for a week.

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