Amar Akbar Anthony Review: Interesting premise goes awry

Amar Akbar Anthony

Run-time: 153 minutes

Certification: U/A

Language: Telugu

Release Date: November 16, 2018

Banner: Mythri Movie Makers

Direction: Srinu Vaitla

Cast: Ravi Teja, Ileana D’Cruz, Abhimanyu Sngh, Tarun Arora, Adhithya Menon, Vennela Kishore and Others

What’s this about?

Amar Akbar Anthony story is of Amar, Akbar, Anthony have divergent personalities despite looking noticeably similar. Amar is on hunt to kill USA based pharma company owners. Pooja an event manager is suffering from Associative Identity Disorder.  What is the connection between Amar and Pooja? Why Amar is behind Pharma company owners follows the rest of the story.

What Works?

This film is lavishly made with rich production values and each frame looks elegant. Cinematography by Venkat C Dileep is top notch which we can see in the visuals.Actor Ravi Teja has given fine performance in the film with three contrasting characters. Director Srinu Vaitla had written an adequate story of Protagonist suffering from Associative Identity Disorder.  Second half has few interesting scenes. Background score by talented music director Thaman suits the mood of the film.

What Doesn’t?

The film narration has predictable screenplay where we can predict the outcome easily. Director should have explored the Associative Identity Disorder part more. The film is largely boring in the first half with unintersting comedy scenes. Actress Ileana doesn’t have much to offer and characterization is weak. There are few negative shaded characters which are cliched. Comedy sequences are flat, with handful of comedians it doesn’t etch much laughs. There are some scenes which are illogical. With 153 minutes run-time, the movie could have been trimmed.


Amar Akbar Anthony is a revenge drama which had an interesting plot line. It fails to leave any impact because of weak screenplay and predictable sequences. The film has grand production values , with little scope to the screenplay the movie could have been much better.

Our rating: 2/5

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