World Famous Lover – Its Paining.

Pre-conceived Notions –

I was really happy with the choices of Vijay Devarakonda post Arjun Reddy, his pelli choopulu was in complete contrast of what his character was in his previous film, his Taxiwala was another interesting subject, very enjoyable and it was refreshing to see Vijay trying out different genres.

Then Dear Comrade happened, no offence to anyone who liked that movie but hey not only the movie was bad but I had a problem with Vijay’s acting in it, especially how hard he tried to change his dialect which failed miserably. That movie was sort in the zone of Arjun Reddy and yes while watching it I felt like I am watching another version of it. And immediately after that here comes ‘World Famous Lover’ the love, the breakup, the depression, the pain everything served again as a package wrapped in a new story/stories, how far Vijay Devarakonda will stretch this, how far audience going to watch him in these similar roles!

Honestly while entering the theater I was having all those thoughts which I mentioned above, like every other movie goer who is following Vijay’s filmography, but did the movie break my pre-conceived notions about WFL? or did it turned out to be exactly how I had imagined?

Answer is – Unfortunately the later turned out to be true let me tell you why.

Ok I will start with something positive.

Though the movie starts with over stretched out scenes between Raashi Khanna as yamini (who by the way looked drop dead gorgeous and emoted really well in key scenes) and Vijay Devarakonda as Goutham, it gets on to the track only when the first love story starts between Srinu & Suvarna (VD & Aishwarya Rajesh respectively).

I must say in those roles, Vijay as a union leader and Aishwarya as his wife looked and acted so naturally that this story had an instant connect with me, I felt Suri was going little overboard in the way how he was treating Suvarna but because I have witnessed those kind of relationships in villages so many times that it felt like I was watching a live episode in front of me.

The set design and the costumes for this particular love story was on point and Catherine Theresa used as a conflict in the story which worked but ended abruptly. Only problem was how this story ended, I expected a revolt from Suvarna but the director showed submission in the name of ‘Sacrifice’.

This ending might start a huge debate on why a girl has to plead, almost beg the man to be in her life even after watching how that man treated her for years! Even after she clearly accomplishing much more than the man, why should she submit and beg the man to be in her life!? – One might say the director has given the answer during the climax of the film but the point has not been conveyed properly. Nevertheless, this story actually worked well thanks to the performances and some really good writing.

And this is where all the positivity on the film ends, way before the intermission point. What starts from here is a painful journey of Goutham which not only makes the audience get bored to death, but also literally transfers his pain on to them who have come to theater on valentine’s day to have some good time. Poor chaps.

Another love story between Vijay & Iza in Paris is so immature and so silly that it almost turned in to an unintentional comedy after a point, I laughed my as off on how this story ended (On a side note Izabelle was beautiful and her act was ok).

The main love story of Goutham and Yamini around which the entire thread of anthology revolves is a hit and miss, some scenes are good because of lead performances and some scenes turned out to be laughing stocks because of bad writing and with the overtly heavy dialogues.

The music had nothing to offer and BGM was in non-sync with the scenes sometimes, cinematography was good.

Story, Screenplay and Direction by kranti madhav all three were abysmally bad and editing was patchy.

All the actors were mostly good, Special mention to Aishwarya Rajesh who is fantastic, Raashi Khanna was too good in some key scenes but the writing didn’t offer her much to do, Izabelle leite was ok.

Vijay Devarakonda is a fine actor no denying in that, but this is high time he start finding his groove again and stop being repetitive and monotonous.


Dear Directors,

Don’t spoon feed emotions, we know what is happening on screen, we can see their pain, we can see their anger, we can see their every emotion on screen, they all are good actors, they can emote well, stop playing songs in the back ground to tell the audience that here they should laugh, cry and be angry, stop telling the audience what the characters are feeling on screen with your endless dialogues, you are not writing a book for god sake, you are making a movie, you can make actors express number of emotions without making them recite a single dialogue.

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