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Trailer Talk : The Kindergarten Teacher : Maggie Gyllenhaal’s best till date

The Kindergarten Teacher

Trailer of upcoming American drama “The Kindergarten Teacher” has been released.A remake of 2014’s Israeli film of same name, “The Kindergarten teacher” stars Maggie Gyllenhaal and Parker Sevak in lead roles.

Analysis :

A depressed Kindergarten teacher Lisa Spinelli finds a great potential in the poetry talent of her 5 year old student and goes beyond limits to protect his talent. The melancholy of Lisa along with the delicacy of the Kid who finds it hard to understand the mind of a women who is literally after him makes this drama a special one. Maggie Gyllenhaal is in top form and plays this grey shaded character with much ease. Debutante Parker Sevak who is expected to play an innocently clueless kid is aptly cast.

The movie had its premier in Sundance film festival and the director Sara Colangelo had won the Best dramatic director category.Produced by Maven Pictures along with Paper Chase films and Pine films,the movie is set of a Netflix release in October 2018.

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