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Check out the list of movies from our special article series which includes top rated movies of all time


Language : English

Year : 2009

Director : James Cameron

Cast : Sam Worthington, Joe Saldana, Stephen Lang

IMDB Rating : 7.8

James Cameroon wanted to make Avatar way back in 1995 and had plans of starting the production for the film after Titanic.But he had his brain and heart at the right place and was pretty clear on how the film should look.So he waited for a decade so that he could present the film in a way which would bring justice to the idea of Avatar.
Upon release,the movie had crossed all the cinematic barriers and left a long lasting impression when it comes to movie watching experience.One of the major reasons for the films incredible acceptance is due to the way it presented the mythology filled with emotions in a manner relatable to the present mishaps around the world. What truly struck the chord is the fact that the film spoke for the underdogs and their emotions over the powerful ones.Avatar is one the rare films which took the audience to a whole new world filled with the pure creativity of the director and made us to emote for the characters in it.


Language: Tamil

Year: 1987

Director: ManiRatnam

Cast: Kamal Hasan, Saranya, Karthika, Janagaraj

IMDB Rating : 8.8

Maniratnam’s 1987 gangster drama inspired by the life and times of underworld don Varadarajan Mudhaliar showed a entirely new approach of showcasing gangster dramas to the Indian audience.The film dealt with several issues like vigilante justice, Karma, morality in a never seen before manner as for as Indian film goers are concerned.Another major factor for the films vast appeal is due to its originality.Even though the theme had a resemblance with Godfather,Maniratnam was quite sure with this thought and idea behind the film which could be clearly seen in the film.This gem of a film came at such a time when most of the films made in India were romantic action dramas which didn’t leave anything for the audience to think about after coming out of the theater.The film had and still is inspiring generations of filmmakers to take up film making as a profession.


Language: Telugu

Year: 2012

Director: SS Rajamouli

Cast: Sudeep,Nani,Samantha Akkineni

IMDB Rating : 7.8

SS Rajmouli’s 2012 fantasy film Eega shook the Indian cinema with a never seen before premise for a love story.Rajmouli gave a regular romantic reincarnation story a twist with protagonist reincarnated as a fly to take revenge.Known for his epic films with mythological influences,Rajamouli took a giant leap of faith with Eega by creating a story around a fly.Success of the movie lied in the factor which made the audience to root for the fly which is an underdog in a literal sense.Top notch production design along with impressive CGI gave the Indian audience a whole new cinema experience.Rajmouli who spent around a year for the pre production work which included character sketch board, extensive pre planning on the look of fly and behavior and physiological modification for other characters with whom fly is involved in action,deserves a credit for his Hollywood style approach of film making.

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