Honest 1 Minute review of Manmathudu 2 trailer


Even though makers of Manmathudu 2 have confirmed that it is a remake of a french film,I would say there was no need to confirm it as it was quite evident from the trailer itself that it is a remake of either a successful foreign film or a lazy rip off of a bollywood rom com starring one of the lead actresses of the film.It is quite clear that director wants to use Nagarjuna’s age as films premise which is a fresh thing for Telugu audience who still wants to see their older heroes romancing 20+ aged heroines.But as a whole, the theme seems to be falling flat as it seems to be following the routine romantic trap of Casanova type hero who falls in love but there is a family straight outta Hindi soap opera followed by tragedy and at last, a happy ending. On the other hand, Rakul Preet Singh’s fake smile and supporting character’s mundane dialogues irritates us throughout the trailer. One small advice to Director Rahul Ravindran. Anybody can remake a film,but only few can make it palatable.

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