Trailer of Jacqueline Fernandez’s Srilankan debut According to Mathew is out

According to mathew

Trailer of Indian actress Jacqueline Fernandez’s Srilankan debut According to Mathew is finally out. The movie which was scheduled for a release in 2017 April got delayed and is set for a release soon.The movie based on the scandalous life and crimes of Father Mathew Peiris who was convicted for the murder his wife and the husband of his mistress .Renowned Srilankan filmmaker and producer Chandran Rutnam has helmed this much awaited venture.The movie has been made in English as the makers are eyeing for an international release.

Trailer running 2 min 46 seconds showcases the grey shaded characters with messy relationships.The movie seems to be dealing with god, sex, sin and crime using the relationship dynamics of characters played by Jacqueline and Alston Koch.Cinematographer has effectively captured the mood of the film with smartly used color tones and close up shots.

Jacqueline Fernandez who basically hails from Srilanka is finally making her debut in the Srilankan Film Industry after a decade long career in Indian films.In a career filled with mostly forgettable roles, the actress seems to be a playing a role with depth in this film.

Srilankar Born Australian singer,producer Alston Koch is making his debut as an actor with this film. Taprobane Pictures & Asian Film Location Services have co produced According to Mathew which is set for a release in November.

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