Find out why Kaappaan trailer is a huge disappointment


Trailer of Suriya’s Kaappaan is finally released.Perhaps the least expected movie of Suriya’s career ,Kaappaan had very little to offer through the teaser released few days ago. For those who were waiting for something fresh from the trailer ended up getting disappointing again. 

Trailer with a run time of 1 minute 35 seconds was a mishmash of randomly placed songs and action sequences.There was no narrative to speak of in the entire trailer. This indicates two possibilities.Either the trailer is poorly cut or the film has no narrative worthy of showing it off.
KV Anand seems to be clueless about handling Mohanlal, Suriya and Arya as they don’t interact with each other even once during the entire trailer. Poor songs by Harris Jayraj too act like salt on wound.

Overall, we failed to grab anything fresh out of this trailer other than the known fact that Suriya is playing a commando and Mohanlal is playing Prime Minister. For those who expected something exciting and fresh from Suriya-KV Anand combo, Kaappaan seems to be a huge disappointment. As for as Suriya is concerned, he should remember Vijay Sethupathi and not Vijay while choosing films.

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