Mahira Teaser: Virginia Rodrigues looks impressive in this action thriller

Mahira Teaser

Kannada movie Mahira teaser has been dropped few hours back. This action thriller stars Virginia Rodrigues, Raj B Shetty, Chaithra Jagadish, Balaji Manohar and others. Mahesh Gowda is directing this venture and Nilima Rao & Rakesh U P providing music for this film.


Teaser is of 80 seconds length, starts of with the cops nabbing the suspect Maya and later she escapes from there. From here on, cat and mouse game starts between Maya and Cops. The teaser impresses with the amazing background score by Midhun Mukandan and the way it has been shot by cinematographer Keertan Poojary. Editor Ashik kusugolli has done sharp cut with the teaser. The action sequences are realistic and slick. The performances from the actors lifts it further. Virginia Rodrigues as Maya making her debut from this movie looks good in action sequences. Raj B shetty who rose fame with the Ondu Motteya Kathe, here as a investigative officer looks out of place. In an recent interview director has already revealed the story is of Mother and Daughter who faces difficult situations with their braveness.

Mahira is bankrolled by Vivek Kodappa and Friends through The Jackfruit Productions and Honudi Production. Release date for the film yet to be announced.

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