10 facts observed from India’s MeToo movement till now


Storm of MeToo has unleashed the mask of several people in India.Here are the 10 facts observed from the movement till now.

  1. Cases of MeToo where women being abused or harassed by men is much higher than the cases where victim are men.
  2. The movement has given an unique chance for a victim to come out either directly or anonymously.
  3. Those who have named biggies in the industry have faced severe backlashes.
  4. In most of the cases,accused were removed from their upcoming projects and the status of their career remained uncertain.
  5. In most of the cases accused have decided to file defamation cases against the accuser.
  6. Most of the accusers have mentioned that they lack enough evidence to prove their innocence.
  7. Future of accusers is also uncertain as film makers have started to consider it too risky to cast them for future projects. Read : What celebrities fans and media need to learn from MeToo Movement
  8. There have been several attempts to derail the movement by using it for political, professional and social mileage.
  9. Genuineness of accusations is questionable considering the anonymity factor and probability of piggybacking on the trend.
  10. There has been a huge pressure to set up committees and panels to resolve casting couch and other harassment cases in future.

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