Prajwal Devaraj impresses with Inspector Vikram teaser and first look of Gentleman

Inspector Vikram
First look posters of the Gentleman.

Talented Kannada actor Prajwal Devaraj had two announcements to make on the occasion of his birthday.Teaser release of his new film Inspector Vikram and launch of his new movie Gentleman was launched on the occasion of actor’s special day.

Here is the official teaser link of Inspector Vikram:

Teaser running 81 seconds is entirely focused on the lead actor Prajwal.From the teaser it could be sensed that the actor is donning a role of a fun cop and reminds us of Shivaraj Kumar’s starrer Inspector Vikram which was also a fun cop film.

Inspector Vikram is being directed by Sri Narasimha.Actress Bhavana Menon is playing the lead opposite Prajwal.The actress had announced that she will be playing the role of a drug peddler in the film.Actor Darshan is said to have made a special appearance in the film. The shooting of first schedule which began in February has been completed. Second schedule will be starting by July second week.Principal technical crew of the film includes composer Anoop Seelin and cinematographer Naveen Kumar.

Another major event happened on his birthday was launch of his new movie gentleman.The film was launched by actor Darshan. Director Guru Deshpande who rose to fame with Raja Huli will be producing the film for the first time.The movie is being directed by Jadesh Kumar Hampi who has worked under Guru Deshpande as Associate director for his most of the films.

Story of gentleman will be focusing on a rare sleeping disorder called Sleeping beauty Syndrome. In an recent interview director Jadesh said that lead character suffers from sleeping disorder where he sleeps 15 to 20 hours and What he does in remaining hours forms the crux of the story.Sleeping beauty Syndrome made headlines after several cases of people sleeping for weeks have been found out and it was found that there was no cure to it.Here is a link to a news story of one of such cases.

Technical crew of Gentleman includes Music director Ravi Basrur and Cinematographer Jagadish Wali. Prajwal’s next release is Dinakar directional Life Jothe Ondu Selfie co starring Prem and Haripriya.

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