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Check out the 6th edition of top classic songs article series where we pick most celebrated Indian songs from all languages.

Ee Touchali Eno Ide

Language : Kannada

Movie Name : Dhum

Year : 2002

The song was a part of MS Ramesh’s Dhum released in 2002.The song was written by popular Kannada lyricist Kaviraj where as it was composed by talented composer Gurukiran.Singer Lakshmi Manmohan made her singing debut through this song.Whole album of Dhum become so popular and composer Gurukiran went on to win several awards for this work in the film including a filmfare.

Listen to Ee Touchali Eno Ide here

Raja Raja Cholan Na

Language : Tamil

Movie Name :

Year : 1987

Music maestro Ilaiyaraja composed this song for the 1987 released Rettai Vaal Kuruvi directed by the legendary director Balu Mahendra. Composed in Keeravani Raaga,this song has the Midas touch of K J Yesudas. Simple approach of the composer in keeping the orchestration to the background and give the much deserved space to singer too is one of the reason behind this song’s success.

Listen to Raja Raja Cholan na here

To Chalon

Language : Hindi

Movie Name : Border

Year : 1997

This song is a part of J P Dutta’s iconic film Border released in 1997. Pain of a soldier who has to leave for the duty even though he wants to spend some time with this wife has been told in a beautiful manner by lyricist Javed Akhtar. This movie had some of the best tunes ever produced by composer Annu Malik. To Chalon became one of the most memorable songs in the career of singer Roop Kumar Rathod as well.Javed Akthar received national award for his incredible lyrical contribution to this film.

Listen to To chalun here

Vaishakha Saindhye

Language : Malayalam

Movie Name :

Year : 1987

This evergreen melody was composed by Shyam for the Malayalam classic Nadodikattu directed by Sathyan Anthikkad. K J Yesudas has given life to the beautiful lyrics by Yusuf Ali Kachery. The song has remained one of the classic Malayalam with great recall value.

Listen to Vaishakha Sandhye here

Aamani Padave

Language : Telugu

Movie Name : Geethanjali

Year : 1989

This soulful song too is composed by Ilaiyaraja for Maniratnam’s Telugu classic Geethanjali released in the year 1989. Legendary singer S P Balasubramanyam has given soul the beautifully penned lyrics of Veturi Sundararamamurthy.

Listen to Aamani Padave here

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