Upendra’s new film Kabza to release in 7 languages


Kannada star Upendra is on a roll. After the success of his last film “I Love You”, the versatile actor has announced a multilingual film with the director of “I love You”, R Chandru. During the celebration meet of I Love You, he announced that the movie is based on underworld and it will manage to bring in a new perspective to the genre.This prestigious project will be another addition to the list of currently trending multi lingual movies.

It has to be noticed that the trend of making multilingual movies in Kannada especially to serve the northern side of India started with KGF starring Yash. The first part of this two part film had a fairly good expectation for a film with no pan Indian star and managed to do good business across the country. KGF made a lifetime collection of around 240 crore which is a high benchmark for other films to cross.Thanks to the success of first part,second part which currently in making has already created a huge amount of buzz and people from other states are waiting to see the film.It has to be seen whether a film like Kabja will create the same impression or not.

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