Victory 2 Review: Comedy Sequel offers a dreadful experience

Victory 2

Run-time: 150 minutes

Certification: U/A

Language: Kannada

Release Date: November 1, 2018

Banner: Tarun Talkies

Direction: Hari Santosh

Cast: Sharan,Asmita Sood, Apoorva P. Ravishankar, Sadhukokila and Others

What’s this about?

Story of Victory 2 is of Chandru (Sharan) who is in prison for the crime he didn’t commit. Meanwhile Munna (Sharan) and his friend (Ravishankar) is out of Prison. The situations where the Chandru and Munna are in and how they are able to come out of it is the crux of the story.

What Works?

Supporting actor Tabala Nani whose sequences offers few laughs. Background Music by Arjun Janya is apt which suits the comedy genre. The story has continuity which is a major factor for the sequel.

What Doesn’t?

Hari Santosh directional Victory 2 which is full of crass jokes and cliched sequences. This movie follows the salacious way to impose laughter which is a terrible idea which has no limits and goes on and on. Just made for an entertainment purpose with no logic whatsoever. In a recent interview, actor Sharan has said that this film made for entertainment and don’t try to find logic in it. First half is about the problems faced by Chandru and Munna and how they cope with it.

In second half the problem faced by them increases. There are several scenes in the first half and second half which was meant to evoke laughter, unfortunately it doesn’t. Spoof scenes of famous Tamil and Telugu movies doesn’t impact much either. There are three songs in the film are lavishly made is a speed breaker. The performance of Lead actor Sharan, Ravishankar and Sadhukokila falls into the trap of over acting. Lead actresses Asmita Sood and Apoorva doesn’t have much scope as usual limited to song sequences. Veteran actor Nassar in an important role fails to impress because of bad writing. Hari Santhosh last directional venture College Kumar which was a hit venture, completely falters to handle this script.


Sharan starrer comedy movie Victory 2 is a sequel for super hit movie Victory [2013]. Victory had some genuine laughs. However victory 2 With Bizarre Plot Twists and mindless action sequences in the climax, makes this 150 minutes long film nothing but misery.

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