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US Weekly Box Office: Top 5 movies collected from October 19 to 25

US Weekly Box Office

Check out our article about US Weekly Box Office. Follow this space for Top 5 movies collected every week at US Weekly Box Office. New release Halloween had impressive first week at the domestic box office. Halloween has collected an estimated 94.6 million gross till now. A Star is Born in its third week has collected an estimated 27.5 million gross with 33% drop. Total domestic gross of A Star is Born stands at 134.6 million.

In its third week Venom has dropped around 49% to collect an estimated 23.5 million gross. Total US gross of Venom stands at 176.5 million. Goosebumps 2: Haunted Halloween in its second week has held decently with 38.4% drop to collect an estimated 11.8 million gross. Goosebumps 2 total domestic gross stands at 30.9 million gross. In its second week First Man has collected an estimated 11.5 million gross with 46.2% drop. Total US gross of First Man stands at 33 million.

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